Clear Invisalign® Aligners

Straight teeth and a perfectly aligned bite are just two elements that go into making an attractive smile. However, few of us are blessed with naturally straight teeth. In previous years, traditional orthodontic braces were the only mode of achieving straight teeth and a correct bite. Fortunately, Invisalign® is an innovative and revolutionary orthodontic treatment that offers a discrete approach for attaining a healthier and more beautiful smile.

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is a somewhat new orthodontic treatment that straightens crooked or misaligned teeth, closes gaps in a patient's smile, and corrects minor to moderate bite problems.

​​​​​​​How does the Invisalign® program work?

The Invisalign® treatment program uses a sequence of custom-built plastic aligners, which the patient wears over their teeth. The aligners gently apply pressure to the teeth, shifting them gradually into the desired position.

Invisalign® aligners are created using state-of-the-art mapping technology which uses the natural position of the patient's teeth to track how they would need to move in order to reach a final, aesthetically beautiful position.

The sequence of aligners is then created to reflect this pattern of movement, which is why it is crucial that the aligners are worn in the correct order.

While traditional orthodontic braces require brackets, wires, and bands to be adjusted for each stage of the treatment, with Invisalign®, patients only need to wear the next aligner in the sequence to progress to the next part of the treatment.

How long is each aligner worn?

Each Invisalign® treatment program is unique to the patient. Typically, patients can expect to wear each aligner in the series for two to four weeks before moving to the next one in the series. The exact progression of the treatment will be explained during patient consultations.

When it comes to how long a patient should wear the aligners each day, it is important that patients are committed to wearing them for at least the recommended 22 hours each day.

Patients should only remove their aligners for eating, drinking, or when they need to be cleaned. Patients who fail to wear their aligners for the allotted time might see negative progress to their treatments.

The benefits of choosing Invisalign®?

The Invisalign® treatment program offers a number of unique benefits over conventional orthodontic braces.

Clear Aligners are Removable

Unlike orthodontic braces, Invisalign® aligners are removable. While you will still need to wear them for the allotted 22 hours each day, the fact that they can be removed means that there are no limitations on the foods that you can enjoy. Conversely, individuals with traditional braces find certain foods can damage their metal braces.

Invisalign® is More Discrete

Invisalign® aligners are created from clear plastic, making them virtually unnoticeable. Patients who use Invisalign® regularly report feeling more confident than those people who wear orthodontic braces.

Invisalign® is Better for Oral Health

Wearing conventional orthodontic braces can make it more difficult for patients to keep their teeth clean. Patients often find it awkward to brush around metal, brackets, and wires. Invisalign® aligners are easy to remove, allowing patients to do a better job of brushing their teeth.

Invisalign® Requires Fewer maintenance appointments

Invisalign® treatments do not require brackets or wires, which means patients will not need to schedule as many maintenance appointments for tightening brackets.

If you choose Invisalign® you will only need to attend progress check-ups every two months. These appointments are usually quicker and less invasive than appointments for traditional braces, making the treatment a perfect option for patients with busy lives.

Are you dealing with crooked, gapped, or misaligned teeth? Invisalign® may be the perfect solution for you. Dr. Thomas Young and the team at EQ Dental are skilled Invisalign ® providers. If you would like to learn more about the Invisalign® treatment or your restorative and cosmetic dentistry options, call our Fort Worth office today at 817-741-4567.