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General Dentistry

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EQ Dental has provided dental care for thousands in the surrounding community. With our focus on high quality care using the latest in proven dental technologies Dr. Young is able to provide high quality dental care in a warm and caring environment.

Regular dental cleanings and examinations at Dr. Young's office is the second most important thing you can do to keep a healthy mouth, closely behind daily brushing and flossing. Meeting with our hygienist and dentist twice a year will help promote good oral and dental health because it allows us to detect problems before they get worse, or prevents them altogether.

General Dentistry includes:

•  dental cleanings with a trained hygienist
•  dental examinations
•  dental x-rays
•  detecting and removing and repairing decay, or cavities, and its effects on your teeth
•  checking and strengthening the health of your gums
•  strengthening and rebuilding the health of your teeth

We have the tools to provide you a strong, healthy smile. For more information on the General Dentistry services we provide, contact Thomas Young, DDS, at our Keller, TX 76244 office. (817) 741-4567
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